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    Hello! I’m new to GinaK and a return VERY beginner crafter. Whenever I get good enough I’d like to sell cards I make at farmers markets and craft fairs. I’ve looked but haven’t found anything related to permission/copyright requirements to do so. Do you have an angel policy? Or what would I need to do when (if) selling cards using your stamps and tools. Thank you!



    Judy, I found this in the ABOUT heading section. Hope this helps.

    Do you have an Angel Policy?

    Yes, you can use our products on any completed handmade projects that you hand-stamp and sell in small quantities. You may sell what you make at craft fairs, Etsy stores, and other small shops and venues. You may not mechanically reproduce our images. You may not mass produce our images. You may not produce our images to sell for others to use in their crafting projects. For example, you may not create pre-stamped images and sell them to other crafters. You may not include pre-stamped designs in crafting kits that you sell. You may sell completed cards, home decor, scrapbook pages and other items made with our stamps and papers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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