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    Hello Gina K. I Have a question for you. I won a $25.00 Gift certificate Back July. I wanted use it and buy more things. But, I was told you would not to a personal check. By your costumer service And I was wondering why? And how can I used my $25.00 Gift certificate? If you won’t take my check? I don’t do credit card online!!! My mom and dad’s Rules. Gina k. I wanted buy your products and support you and business? Can we please work something out? I don’t have pay pal either. Please contact me! at funstamper74@Gmail.com This would second times order. The first I order was from costumer service And I send them a personal check. And now new website. you won’t take personal check. If I place order. I would always send a personal check to Gina K Designs. I very disappoint in this! I work very very hard monthly challenges. I hope we can work something so I can use my $25.00 Gift certificate I won and be able to buy your products in the future with my personal check Please let me know ASAP!! Gift certificate date is running out time!
    Thanks Linda Littlepage



    Can someone reply with answer ASAP Please to the question above! Thanks Linda



    Hi Linda, I hope you received an answer to you issue but if you did not why don’t you contact Gina K directly either by email or phone. Here’s some contact info: Call us at 1-844-358-1447 Email us at info@ginakdesigns.com

    Hope this helps and you get to use your gift card.


    Gina Krupsky

    Hi Linda,
    I am so sorry, we don’t accept checks. You could purchase a visa gift card and use that online. But we no longer accept checks due to many checks not going through.
    Gina K.

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