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    Guess I have several questions 1st. Why do are photos have to be approved? They never needed approved on the old site.
    2. Who has to approve them and just how long will it take?
    I was hoping to upload my cards here and use this as the link for the monthly challenge but if you have to wait to have your photo approved not sure this will work so well.

    Thanks in advance to whom ever takes the time to answer.


    Karen Hightower

    Hi Sue! The cards have to be approved due to it being a new sight and there are still things that are being worked out. Gina has said there is lots of unwanted items being uploaded and this way we aren’t subject to what ever it is. Gina is the one approving the cards at this time. So she will approve them when she gets the chance. Just a little patience and eventually it will all get straight. If you are on Facebook Instagram Pinterest you can upload your card to the challenge from those places. Also you can create a free blog with WordPress. Then you can post cards and link to your blog.


    Gina Krupsky

    There are many free places that you can post your cards and link them right away if you don’t want to wait. You can share cards from:
    Free blogs by Blogger or WordPress
    Any photo sharing website

    Hope that helps!



    Thanks Ladies, I am aware of the other ways to upload my photo, I was just hoping to be able to just use this site like we did the other site. I did upload a card and it sure seemed fine I could see the picture of the card and it did get approved but now there is not picture of the card not at all sure how that happened or how to fix that. I will just use Instagram for now, I just sometimes don’t feel like being so “Social” with what I am doing.


    Robin Logue

    I uploaded my entry for the Jan challenge in the community gallery several times and it said pending approval, then it is gone. I am like you Sue and prefer doing my sharing here. Thank you. I know all this is new. But some are a little more tech challenged than others.



    I just uploaded a photo today but I figured it might take awhile before it would be approved so I am going to be patient and wait and see.



    I was looking through the community gallery and was hoping to leave some comments but it seems I can not get such an option to work for me. Anyone else have success with that?


    Diana Brottlund

    I uploaded my photo on Sunday but have not seen it in the gallery and it’s not on my account page. Do we get a message saying our photo has been approved or not? Also, where do we upload our profile picture? Thank you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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